Epoch New Zealand

EPOCH New Zealand is a small charitable trust formed in 1997. It has advocated for law change for over ten years. Having accomplished this goal, EPOCH NZ will be reducing its activities but will maintain this website as a source of information.

EPOCH NZ focussed much of its work over 10 years on engaging support for law reform from various non-governmental organisations which advocate for the rights of children or deliver services to children. EPOCH NZ developed and maintained a network of organisations supportive of positive non-violent child discipline and repeal of s59 of the Crimes Act 1961. Member agencies and others were engaged in action and kept informed through regular bulletins and newsletters. EPOCH also lobbied politicians and other person of influence.

As the campaign for change grew and law change became a distinct possibility, EPOCH NZ worked closely with other supportive agencies on the campaign for repeal  and where possible, to counter the increasingly vociferous opposition to law reform. Some of the major agencies which were particularly active in promoting law reform were: Barnados NZ, the Children's Commissioner, Every Child Counts, the Families Commission, the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society, Save the Children NZ and UNICEF NZ.

EPOCH NZ relied principally on the tireless (and largely voluntary) efforts of a small number of women. Four of the original signatories to the Trust Deed in 1997 remain as current and active trustees, a testament to their commitment to making a change for children.

EPOCH NZ has been funded through a number of grants and donations. In particular EPOCH NZ wishes to acknowledge the extraordinary generosity of the JR McKenzie Trust whose significant contribution enabled trustees to focus efforts on the cause itself rather than on fundraising.