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10th Police Review of implementation of Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Act 2007
Pressure on UK to ban smacking
Christchurch father fails in bid to overturn convictions for assaulting child.
Centre for Child Honouring calls for support to end all violence to children
First Reading of Boscawen Bill postponed
SKIP – What is it and why does it work?
Police issue 6th review of police activity since enactment of the 2007 law.
Corporal punishment in schools
Website for Children
Ian Hassall honoured by UNICEF
Report on Sweden’s corporal punishment ban after 30 years
Global Report 2009
The Australian Psychological Association advises againsts smacking
Research into physical punishment
Another study links physical punishment with childhood aggression.
Nigel Latta and reveiw of application of the law
The March for Democracy
A Theology of Children
Review of effect of law released
Sue Bradford leaves Parliament.
Discipine in Context
Referendum results released
Voting in referendum has begun
Support a Yes Vote
Referendum 09 – deceptive and destructive
The Christchurch Case – from a parenting perspective
New Zealand commended by UN Committee Against Torture
New Families Commissioners
Has Labour done a U-turn on smacking?
Survey claims parents confused about law
Another country prohibits corporal punishment.
New pamphlet available
Family First Advertisements in Sunday papers
Calls for law reform in Australia
20 December 2008 new section 59 working well
22 Nov 2008 Excellent opinion piece in Otago Daily Times
15 November 2008 Research from Childen's Commissioner shows positive trends
7 November 2008 Research finds many parents do not believe physical punishment effective
22 June 2008 "Choose to Hug" revised
Notice about new law on child discipline
EPOCH New Zealand
Children's rights recognised in New Zealand law