22 June 2008 "Choose to Hug" revised

The popular parenting booklet Choose to Hug has been revised and re-published by EPOCH New Zealand and the Children’s Commissioner.

In 2003 the Office of the Commissioner for Children and EPOCH NZ published Choose to Hug: Not to Smack.  This booklet with simple suggestions on how to deal with everyday child care and discipline issues has been extremely popular.

There was a need for an update to include new material and to give the booklet a modern look.  The booklet has now been republished in an attractive and colourful format.  As well as containing some new suggestions for parents it contains a new section explaining the provisions of New Zealand’s child discipline law and the law’s congruence with positive parenting approaches to discipline.

EPOCH New Zealand will no longer be distributing Choose to Hug but it can be ordered free of charge from www.occ.org.nz – see Resources and Publications.