SKIP – What is it and why does it work?

The Ministry of Social Development has recently published an attractive and readable report based on research into the SKIP (Strategies with Kids: Information for Parents) initiative.


The report is a very valuable source of information about community-based delivery of positive parenting messages utilising a variety of approaches with an emphasis on relationships, innovation, universality and community development.  The report identifies factors contributing to the effectiveness of the SKIP approach as well as the impact it has on children, parents and caregivers, communities and organisations.

In 2001, Cabinet agreed that there was a need of public education about alternatives to the use of physical discipline with children.  Originally a public education campaign was envisaged but the strategy was revised and SKIP was born in 2003.  It had three components:

  • the development of national parenting resources
  • Partnerships with national organisations delivering positive parenting messages
  • A contestable Local Initiative Fund (LIF) that supported local community projects.

SKIP has been a very successful initiative and the LIF has enabled the development of many creative, innovative and locally inspired success stories. Read more about SKIP here