Your help is needed

With the five-week gap in parliamentary hearings it is essential that supporters are very active in addressing fears and misinformation and demonstrating to MPs that there is support for the Bill.

Here is how you can help:

Watch you local papers and major dailies for letters, editorials and news items that you can comment on and write letters to the editor.  The papers will be able to tell you where to write to.  Letters can be sent electronically to the major papers.  Write a letter to the editor commenting on a point that has been made.  Keep your letter short - no more than 150 words - it is better to cover an issue well than make too many points.  The information provided in this newsletter may help you respond to the misinformation being circulated in the community.

Many of you will have already sent supportive emails to MPs.  This is appreciated by supportive MPs.  MPs are in recess for three weeks from 5 April.  It will be important that MPs receive another flood of supportive emails when the house resumes about the end of April.  Please send another email then.  It is easy to send an email through the website  You can also send a letter to selected MPs - letters can be sent to Parliament Buildings, Wellington without a stamp.

A group of organisations in Wellington will be developing material (like flyers and brochures) to distribute to the public over the next week - we will be sending these to agencies in the community to put in waiting rooms and distribute in the community.  Please help distribute these.

Information available from (under Publications)

1     Information sheets for MPs - these have been sent to all MPs but the information in them is also relevant in the community.  They cover:

A Time for Change?
Will Repeal Criminalise Parents?
What the Crimes Amendment Bill Achieves?
Assessing the Chester Borrows Amendment?
Hands up for the Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Bill - includes a list of some supportive agencies.

2     List of agencies publicly supportive of and opposed to the Bill.

3     Eminent Swedish Experts Comments on Misrepresentation of the Effects of the Swedish Corporal Punishment Ban (Letter)

4     Select Committee Report - contains the Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Bill.

5     Chester Borrows Supplementary Order Paper.

6.    David Benson-Pope's Supplementary Order Paper