Misinformation, myths and misleading claims

The term "anti-smacking" has never been one favoured by the many individuals and agencies that have lobbied for the repeal of the statutory defence contained in section 59 Crimes Act, yet it has been a very popular term in the media and with politicians opposed to repeal of section 59 Crimes Act 1961.

It is a term used to trivialise discussion and spread alarm. The Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Bill is not Sue Bradford's original Bill for simple repeal but the one recommended by the majority of the Justice and Electoral Select Committee in their report to Parliament.  It is still sponsored by Sue Bradford.

It is difficult to find a catchy phrase to counter the terms "anti-smacking bill" or "Sue Bradford's Bill".  A short term which can be interpreted positively and captures the intent of the bill is:  The Child Discipline Bill.