February 2006


Make 2006 a significant year for children

It is likely that 2006 will be a very significant one for supporters of repeal of section 59 Crimes Act 1961.

Whether or not it is a year to celebrate or a disappointing one may depend on how successful we are in convincing Government that full repeal of section 59 Crimes Act 1961 is in the best interests of children.

This short EPOCH New Zealand newsletter seeks your support in convincing politicians that:

  • That the long term goal of changing societal attitudes away from use of physical punishment will benefit all children in New Zealand over time.
  • That included among long term benefits will be a reduction in violence in the family.
  • That full repeal of section 59 Crimes Act 1961 is an essential part of promoting change.
  • That we must put children's interests first in the decision making processes and find child friendly solutions to obstacles to change.

EPOCH New Zealand has been heartened by the support there is for encouraging the use of positive non-physical discipline with children and for doing away with section 59, an outdated and discriminatory piece of legislation.