May 2006

Make an oral submission

Some organisations have been invited to present their oral submissions at the end of May in Wellington.  It is likely that oral submissions will be heard in June and July in various parts of New Zealand. There may not be much notice of hearing dates.

Here are some hints on presenting an oral submission:

  • Be prepared so that you can deliver your message in whatever time you are allocated. As a guide, you can only speak 500 words in five minutes. Allow enough time to present your oral submission and to answer questions.
  • Do not try to cover the whole of your written submission - start your oral submission with headlines from your written submission.
  • If you have new points to make - additional to what you said in your written submission - concentrate on them.
  • Make some handout notes. Take copies to give Select Committee MPs to follow as you speak, or to keep for later.
  • Take enough copies of your presentation for the MPs, officials and any media present - at least 10.
  • other people you know are making a submission at the same hearing you may co-ordinate your presentations so you cover different points. To find out about who else is presenting in the same session, contact the clerk of the Select Committee in Wellington (04 471 9999 - ask for the clerk of the Justice and Electoral Committee).
  • Be prepared to answer questions from the Select Committee members. If you don't know the answer to a question on the spot, say so; but offer to write later to the Member asking the question.