May 2006


EPOCH New Zealand Occasional Newsletter no. 27 June 2006
2006 is a critical year for children in New Zealand. Will their best interests be respected?  Will section 59 of the Crimes Act 1961 be repealed? Your support will make a difference.  Please act now.  There is one crucial thing you can do to achieve a positive outcome for children:-

Please visit or write to your local MPs
Organisations and individuals have been visiting Members of Parliament in Wellington - but not all MPs will be seen in Wellington. MPs are more likely to see voters in their own electorate.  Organisations that oppose repeal and support hitting children are active, and continue their campaign for the status quo. So please make an appointment to see your local MPs or any list MP with an office in your area. Tell them you want full repeal of section 59.  You are not alone! A list of organisations supporting repeal and positive parenting is on the Home page of our website.
If you are unable to visit your MP please write or email him or her a letter (most local addresses are shown on the website

  • Keep your letter short
  • Give brief reasons for your support of repeal
  • Make it clear that you live in the MP's electorate
  • Ask him or her to support repeal of section 59.