November 2004

Listen Up

Children talk about Smacking, published by Save the Children, presents the views and experiences of 70 young children.

Researchers met with children in primary schools and after-school clubs throughout Wales and using an alien character called Splodge, asked a series of questions about smacking.  Children's views on smacking provide insight into the effects of hitting children.  The methodology used is based on that used by Carolyne Willow and Tina Hyder who conducted a similar study in England.  Similar research has been conducted in New Zealand by Terry Dobbs.  Some of the most telling messages from the study in Wales include:

  • children do not view smacking as trivial - the impact of the smack is deeply felt
  • smacking hurts children's feelings
  • it doesn't always stop bad behaviour
  • it can encourage children to smack other children.

EPOCH New Zealand can supply an electronic copy of this report.  Contact us through our website if you want a copy.