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Repeal 59 Campaign Material

Unreasonable Force - New Zealand's Journey Towards Banning the Physical Punishment of Children PDF (2.2 MBytes)
New Zealand - 4 years post the law change PDF (81 KBytes)
Media kit PDF (1.4MBytes)

Submissions to Select Committee

EPOCH Guidelines for making a submission on s59 Crimes Act 1961 - October 2005 PDF (574Kbytes)
ACYA  2006 PDF (42 KBytes)
Barnados 2006 PDF (158 KBytes)
EPOCH NZ 2006 PDF (191 KBytes)
Institute of Public Policy AUT 2006 PDF (76 KBytes)
Paediatric Society 2006 PDF (61 KBytes)
Peter Newell 2006 PDF (86 KBytes)
RNZ Plunket Society Inc  2006 PDF (180KBytes)
Save the Children 2006 PDF (70 KBytes)
UNICEF NZ  2006 PDF (217 KBytes)
Law Commission Advice to Select Committee 8 November 2006   
10th Australasian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect 16 February 2006 PDF (1559KBytes)
Communications to MPs  
EPOCH NZ Letter to MPs Oct 2006 PDF (18 KBytes)
Briefing Sheet 1 January 2007 PDF (43 KBytes)
Briefing Sheet 2 January 2007 PDF (52 KBytes)
Briefing Sheet 3 February 2007 PDF (54 KBytes)
Briefing Sheet 4 March 2007 PDF (56 KBytes)
Briefing Sheet 5 March 2007 PDF (50 KBytes)
Briefing Sheet 6 May 2007 PDF (50 KBytes)
Speech to Conference Barcelona Dr Penelope Leach 1997 PDF (342KBytes)
Parenting for Peace Parent Education Workshop Keynote Speaker Peter Newell1999 PDF (1MB)
The Fall and Fall of Corporal Punishment c2000 PDF (300KBytes) 
Agencies in support of the Bill PDF (474Kbytes)
Agencies opposed to the Bill PDF (27 KBytes)
Christian Leaders Supportive of Sue Bradford's Bill 2 May 2007 PDF (4MBytes) 
EPOCH Submission to Min of Justice, Min of Social Services, and Min of Youth  Affairs Sept 2001 PDF (200KBytes)
EPOCH NZ Action Plan 2001 PDF (161KBytes) 
Response from Swedish academics on misrepresentation of effect of Swedish ban on corporal punishment c2006 PDF (23 KBytes)
Statement by New Zealand Anglican Bishops May 2007 PDF
EPOCH Paper: "Physical Punishment of Children and the Child Discipline Law" c2010 PDF (290KBytes)
"Physical punishment of children in New Zealand – six years after law reform" Beth Wood 2013 PDF (445KBytes)
Documents associated with law reform  
The original Bill PDF (109KBytes)
Select Committee Report PDF (78KBytes)
Bill as reported back from Select Committee PDF (34KBytes)
Bill as reported back after Committee Stage PDF (236KBytes)
Chester Borrows proposed amendment PDF (195 KBytes)
Judy Turner Proposed amendment PDF (118 KBytes)
David Benson-Pope’s Amendment PDF (101 KBytes)
Peter Dunne’s Amendment PDF (100 KBytes)
Substituted S59 in the Crimes Act 1961 PDF (75 KBytes)
Leaflet on the effect of law change No 1 (2 pages) PDF (78 KBytes)
Leaflet on effect of law change No 2 (1 Page) PDF (80 KBytes)
International Documents  
UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (External website)
UNICEF Innocenti report (External website)
Statement of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on the launch of the Global Initiative April 2001 (PDF 78KBytes)
Media items  
Murray Edridge April 2006 PDF (11KBytes)
Barnados re Waitakere City 2006 PDF (29KBytes)
Letter to NZ Herald May 2007 - Dr Ian Hassall PDF (3KBytes)
Letter to NZ Herald April 2007 - Dr Ian Hassall PDF (3KBytes)
Advert commentary 2007 PDF (17KBytes)
Publications related to s59  
List of Useful References 2007 PDF (6KBytes)
“The Impact of A TV programme on attitudes to physical punishment”  Beth Wood and Sue Buckley PDF (37KBytes)
"Physical punishment in the home in New Zealand" Dr Gabrielle Maxwell, Sept 1993  Weblink to abstract
"A violence-free family environment -views of parents who don't smack" Marie Russell and Beth Wood c2001 PDF (40KBytes)
"The Effects of Sweden's Ban on Physical Punishment" Goran Hakansson, May 2004   PDF (442 KBytes)
 "Just who do we think children are?" Debski, Russell and Buckley April 2009  Weblink
 "Attitudes to physical punishment are changing" Amanda D'Souza, Marie Russell, Beth Wood, Louise Signal, Dawn Elder 2016  Weblink  
2009 Review of New Zealand Police and Child, Youth and Family Policies and Procedures relating to the Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Act  Weblink
2009 Monitoring Report  Weblink
Papers and opinion pieces  
 "Violence Breeds Violence: the case against smacking children" Penelope Leach and Peter Newell, 1989 PDF (735KBytes)
"What's wrong with hitting children?" Penelope Leach, c1991 PDF (235Kbytes)
"Physical Punishment of Children: Where are we at in New Zealand?" Beth Wood, Marie Russell and Mandy Smith, 1998  PDF (588KBytes)
"The first decade" Conference Proceedings 1999 Weblink
"Hitting Children -s59 Crimes Act and child protection" - Robert Ludbrook, c2000 PDF (628KBytes)
"Ending Physical Punishment of Children" Beth Wood, 2000 PDF (184KBytes)
"The Role of the Professional in changing attitudes about physical punishment of children" Beth Wood 2000  PDF (71KB)
Beth Wood and Terry Dobbs, 2003 PDF (54KBytes)
Beth Wood and Robert Ludbrook, 2003 PDF (1.4MBytes)
John Hancock 2004 PDF (101KBytes)
“What does God think about hitting children” Glynn Cardy 2005  PDF (20KBytes)
Dr Ian Hassall May 2006 PDF (8KBytes)
Dr Emma Davies 2006 PDF (12KBytes)
Beth Wood and Peter Newell 2006 PDF (47KBytes)
Dr Ian Hassall May 2007 PDF (12KBytes)
Dr Ian Hassall Nov 2007 PDF (10KBytes)
Dr Ian Hassall April 2007 PDF (5KBytes)
Terry Dobbs May 2007 PDF (9KBytes)
 "The rise and fall of s59 Crimes Act" Beth Wood and Ian Hassall, 2007 PDF (681 KBytes)

Physical punishment of children: effects and evolution

PDF (178KBytes)
Letter to the Editor from Epoch PDF (300KBytes)
"Violence free childhoods" Beth Wood, 2016 PDF (300KBytes)
 Children's Rights to Safety - Robert Ludbrook and Beth Wood PDF (1.30MBytes)
Media Kit PDF (113KB)
Referendum Briefing Sheet No 1 PDF (75KB)
Sue Bradford's Valedictory Speech Weblink
"Children are Unbeatable - 7 Very good reasons not to hit children" by Rhonda Pritchard Weblink
"Physical Punishment of Children in Aotearoa New Zealand in 2021" Beth Wood, 2021 PDF (197KBytes)


NZ 4 years post law change